Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pub crawl and... asset mapping, of course. This Friday

Come out for a Pub Crawl and Asset Mapping night of awesomeness in Westwood Village next Friday, August 6th.

Here is how it works... We will start at Brew Co. (corner of Glendon and Kinross) at 7pm on Friday. We'll enjoy some tasty beverages and go over the plan for the night.

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Basically we will go to three bars and yogurt land, and in between our stops we'll take pictures of what we love about Westwood (in the process identifying Westwood's assets).

So why do we care about this - other than being proud, self professed plannerds? Well we are putting on a workshop in September about moving westwood forward, and we will use the information we collect to help put together some activities. More to come on the workshop (and invites for everyone) in the future.

In the mean time, mark your calendars - Friday August 6 at 7pm at Brew Co. We will be going to stop number 2 around 8pm, so call or text if you need to track us down after 8. We'll be somewhere in the Village!

Don't forget to bring a camera or smart phone - we'll be posting pictures to our flickr account! (And of course bring as many friends as you can drag along!)

Contact Info:

Emily: 530-400-5756

Dominique: 301-385-2151

See you Friday!

Emily, Dominique, Marta and all of the City2.0 team!

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